Name:             Ahmad Hasan Dani
Titles:              Dr. , Professor Emeritus
Birth date:       20th June 1920
Address:          House No. 17, St. 10, F- 8/3, Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel :                Off.(051)-2874620, Res: 2260249, Fax: (051) 2251779.

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Professor A.H.Dani
Pride of Performance,   Pride of Pakistan !


1944 GOLD MEDAL, Banaras Hindu University
1944 J.K FELLOW, Banaras Hindu University
1969 SITARA-I-IMTIAZ, Government of Pakistan
1969 Honorary Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society of Bangladesh
1981 Honorary Fellow of German Archaeological Institute
1982 Honorary Fellow of Western and Central Asia, Karachi
1986 Honorary Fellow of ISMEO, Rome
1986 GOLD MEDAL AWARD, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh
1990 PALMES ACADEMIQUES, French Government
1991 Honorary Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society of London
1992 EZAZ-I-KAMAL, Government of Pakistan
1993 Honorary Doctorate, Tajikistan University, Dushanbe
1994 KNIGHT COMMANDER, Government of Italy
1996 ORDER OF THE MERIT, Government of Germany
1998 ORDER NATIONAL DE LA LEGION D’HONNEUR, President de la Republique de France
2000 Hilal-i-Imtiaz, Government of Pakistan

Honorary Membership:
1991 Honorary Citizen, Bukhara
1991 Honorary Member of "Paivand Society", Tajikistan
1991 Honorary Life Member, Friends, Rawalpindi
1993 Honorary life Patron, al-Shifa Trust, Rawalpindi
Honorary Secretary and President:
1950 General Secretary, Asiatic Society of Pakistan, Dhaka
1955 President, National Committee for Museums in Pakistan
1961 President, All Pakistan History Conference, Islamabad
1968 Vice-President of UNESCO Conference on Kushan Civilization, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
1970 Chairman, Research Society, University of Peshawar
1972 Vice-President, UNESCO Conference on Social and Economic Development of Central Asia, Ashkhabad, Tajikistan
1973 Secretary General, Pakistan History and Culture
1976 Secretary General, Quaid-i-Azam International Congress
1979 Secretary, International Symposium on Indus Civilization
1979 Member of the Bureau of International Commission for Scientific and Cultural History of Mankind, UNESCO
1979 Secretary, Islamic Educational Conference, Islamabad
1979 President, Archaeological and Historical Association of Pakistan
1980 Co-Director Pak-German Team for Ethnological Research in Northern Areas of Pakistan
1981 First Vice-President, International Association for the Study of the Civilizations in Central Asia, Paris
1983 Chairman of International Conference on Karakorum Culture, Gilgit Islamabad
1985 Acting President, UNESCO Conference on Architectural Evolution in the Mediaeval Period of Central Asia, Almaty, Kazakhstan
1988 President, Pakistan Society of Archaeology and Museums
1992 President, Pak-Central Asia Friendship Association
Museum Work:
1949 Reset Verandra Museum, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
1951 Reset Dhaka Museum
1969 Reset Peshawar Museum
1969 Reorganized Lahore Museum
1993 Established Islamabad Museum
1952-53 Editor, The Museum Journal of Pakistan
1955-62 Managing Editor, Journal of the Asiatic Society of Pakistan
1964-72 Editor, Ancient Pakistan
1964-76 Member of Board of Editors, Asian Perspectives (Bulletin of the Far Eastern Prehistory Association)
1968-71 Chief Editor, University News Letter of the Peshawar University
1969-78 Member of the Advisory Board of Editors, World Archaeology
1970-79 Contributing Editor to Numismatic Literature of the American Numismatic Society
1978 to date Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Central Asia
1982 Editor, History of the Civilization of Central Asia, Vol.1
1983-93 Co-Editor, Scientific and Cultural History of Mankind, Vol. 1
1990-95 Editor, Scientific and Cultural History of Mankind, Vol. 2
1976-95 Member of the International Board of Editors for Central Asian History
1964-72 Member of the Board of Governors of the Research Society of
Pakistan, University of the Punjab
1966-95 Member of the Board of Governors of Lahore Museum
1968-70 Member of the Advisory Board of West Pakistan Archives
1969 Member of UNESCO Expert Committee on the Study of Buddhist Art
1969 Member of the Central Archive Commission
1973-80 Chairman, Central Archive and Library Committee
1970-90 Member, Board of Governors, Peshawar Museum
1970-90 Member, Board of Governors, Dir Museum
1974-92 Member, Board of Governors, "Save Mohenjodaro Project"
1975-78 Member of the Executive Body of the International Council for Mithraic Studies
1976-1990 Member of International Council of Buddhist Studies
1985-89 Member, Board of Governors of Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO
1987 to date Member of the Bureau and International Committee on Integral Study of Silk Roads and Coordinator of its Land Routes
1989-93 Member of the Executive Committee and Board of Governors, Quaid-i-Azam Academy, Islamabad
1990 Scientific Leader of the UNESCO International Team: Desert Route Expedition of Silk Road in China
1991 Scientific Leader of the UNESCO International Team: Steppe Route Expedition of Silk Road in the USSR
1958-59 Research Fellow, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
1969 Asian Fellow, Australian National University, Canberra
1974 Visiting Scholar, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
1977 Visiting Professor, Wisconsin University, Madison, USA
1994 1998 Chairman, National Fund for Cultural Heritage, Islamabad,
1992-96 Advisor on Archaeology, Ministry of Culture, Government of Pakistan
1980 Professor Emeritus, Quaid-i-Azam University , Islamabad
1977-85 Director Quaid-i-Azam Memorial Museum, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
1971-80 Professor of History, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
1971-75 Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
1972-1997 Honorary Director, Centre for the Study of Civilizations of Central Asia, Quaid-i-Azam University , Islamabad
1997 to date Honorary Director, Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations, Quaid-i-Azam University , Islamabad
1962-71 Professor of Archaeology, University of Peshawar
1950-62 Associate Professor of History, University of Dhaka
1950-62 Curator, Dhaka Museum
1950 Superintendent-in-Charge of Archaeology East Pakistan Circle, Government of Pakistan
1946-50 Assistant Superintendent of Archaeology, Government of India and Government of Pakistan
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55.   The Romance of the Khayber Pass, (Revised), 1997 And several articles in the National and                    International Journals.

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