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1- Camping site (Kaghan Valley) No.9.GIF (7174 bytes) 9- Majestic K-2.  A blend of adventure and mystery (8611 M)

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2- Bird Eye View of Altit Fort (Hunza) No.10.GIF (7221 bytes) 10- Golden Range, also know as Cathedral Peaks, (Passu-Hunza).
3.Nangaparbat.GIF (94555 bytes)3.Nangaparbat-1.GIF (94480 bytes) 3- Base Camp of Nanga Parbat (Rupal Face) No.11.GIF (6534 bytes) 11-Fishing at the Roof of the World (Deosai Plains)
No.4.GIF (6559 bytes) 4- Nanga Parbat (the naked Mountain) (8128-M) No.12.GIF (7161 bytes) 12-Ultar & Lady Finger Peaks touching the Sky (Hunza)
No.5.GIF (7498 bytes) 5- Terraced Fields (Hunza) No.13.GIF (6770 bytes) 13- Camping site at a local Hotel (Treshing Valley)
No.6.GIF (8159 bytes) 6-KKH Passing through Genaish Hunza No.14.GIF (7027 bytes) 14-Rakaposhi Peak, View from Aliabad (Hunza)
No.7.GIF (6941 bytes) 7- A Paradise for Adventurers (Deosai Plains - Skardu) No.15.GIF (6992 bytes) 15- Colours Bonanza in the lap of Ultar Peak (Hunza)
No.8.GIF (7126 bytes) 8- Jeep Safari on KKH. A life Time Experience. No.16.GIF (6271 bytes) 16- Baltit Fort, A symbol of Traditional Architecture (Hunza)
Few snaps* from the Northern Areas of  Pakistan.

  *(Courtesy:  Mr. Gulraiz Ghori of Foto Bank Lahore Tel : + 92 - 42 - 6360273 / 6374253).
Please contact the Photographer directly if you require any photograph or slide on Pakistan.

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